UKHSA chief gives presentation at Chester University

The UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) chief executive, Professor Dame Jenny Harries has given a talk to peers at the University of Chester on her opinions about protecting public health.

The UKHSA was established during the COVID-19 pandemic with the mission of preparing for, and responding to, new environmental hazards and infectious diseases. It says it coordinates with international, national and local partners to bolster the UK’s health security and protect public health.

Harries, who is a visiting professor at the university, titled her presentation “If I had a crystal ball?” She delivered it at a lunch for the visiting professoriate that was organised by the university’s Faculty of Health, Medicine and Society and Institute of Health and Wellbeing. The audience included university staff members and other visiting professors, as well as Professor Eunice Simmons, the university’s vice chancellor. The presentation was followed by a session about how visiting professors could maintain links with the university.

Professor Kingston of the Institute for Health and Wellbeing said:

“The event was firstly a thank you to our Visiting Professors for their continuing support for the University of Chester and secondly a thought-provoking session to explore how colleagues can further contribute to the new Faculty of Health, Medicine and Society and Chester Medical School.”

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Written by Mark

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