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Student-Friendly Winter Recipes on a Budget

You don’t have to be swearing like Gordon Ramsey or as skilled as Jamie Oliver to be a good cook. Cooking can still be enjoyable - especially on a budget. At Bed Student Rentals, we’re all about saving a pretty penny or two. So we’re here to talk you through some warm and comforting recipes to see you through the winter - without making a dent in the bank! Don’t worry, all recipes are 100% student-proof.

Written by: Molly Davidson

Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Student Accommodation

Uni life involves making all sorts of important decisions. What course will you study? What University will you choose? And where will you live? We’re here to make that last step easy as pie - so you have one less thing to worry about.

Written by: Molly Davidson

Chester Literature Festival

Whether you’re a writer, reader, or simply a passionate creative with a love for the arts - Storyhouse is undoubtedly a haven for artists and University of Chester students alike!

Written by: Molly Davidson

Food For Thought: The Best Restaurants in Chester

If there’s one thing I know and love, it’s food. I’m 100% a self-proclaimed foodie, if I’m not eating it, I’m thinking about it…I’m that colleague that is constantly asking everyone what they’re having for their tea! You’ll quite often find me having a lunchtime read of a restaurant menu like it’s the morning newspaper. After studying at the University of Chester myself a couple of years ago, I’ve become quite familiar with the food options that the city has to offer.

Written by: Talia Kayne

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Tal’s Top Tips: How to minimise your utility usage

As I’m sure you are aware, the cost of energy bills saw a huge hike on 1st April 2022, with a record increase of around 54%. Whilst there will be a fair usage cap on utilities in your tenancy agreement, it is very likely that this will now be exceeded. In order to minimise the likely bill for excess consumption, tenants should be as mindful as possible of their usage. Not sure how to do this? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a list of ways that you can do this…

Written by: Talia Kayne

Dog walks in Chester

After getting my puppy two years back I made it my mission to discover some of the best walks in and around the city. With Spring around the corner, which means clearer skies and longer days (finally), its about the time I can start walking my much-loved routes again. Below are some of my personal favourite places to walk in and around Chester. These are local routes, that will take you though farmland and out of the city centre – but never too far from a coffee shop or pub!

Written by: Emma Barry

The evolution of the ‘Official Bed’ Merch…

If there’s one thing we have learned over the years at Bed - everyone loves a freebie! From a gift voucher for a restaurant that ends up becoming your favourite place to eat out, a branded pen that you find yourself reaching for the most, to a USB stick that you rediscover years later rattling around in a drawer…

Written by: Talia Kayne

Viewing and Sign-Up Procedure

Here at Bed Student Rentals, we make it our mission to understand your requirements and keep the renting process as simple as we can. We have over 900 rooms available to view, so we are confident we will have something to suit everyone! Choosing your ‘Bed’ is a big decision, so we ask you to think about the following questions…

Written by: Talia Kayne

Best Locations

Carefully chosen houses to make sure you’re in the best areas of the city..

No Fees

Rents with all bills, bells and whistles included, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Something Different

Fresh and innovative interiors. Student houses don’t have to be boring!