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The evolution of the ‘Official Bed’ Merch…

If there’s one thing we have learned over the years at Bed - everyone loves a freebie! From a gift voucher for a restaurant that ends up becoming your favourite place to eat out, a branded pen that you find yourself reaching for the most, to a USB stick that you rediscover years later rattling around in a drawer…

Written by: Talia Kayne

Introducing – Bed Student Rentals

The Bed Team is made up of a group of experienced individuals who have each contributed collectively to the successful business that is Bed. Everyone has their own talents and competencies that contribute to making the Bed Team the close knit, well oiled machine that we are!

Written by: Talia Kayne

Best Locations

Carefully chosen houses to make sure you’re in the best areas of the city..

No Fees

Rents with all bills, bells and whistles included, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Something Different

Fresh and innovative interiors. Student houses don’t have to be boring!