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The new kids on the block. Bed Student Rentals are a Chester based letting agency providing accommodation for students and young professionals. With an office based right in the heart of the Garden Quarter, also known as ‘Students-Ville’, the Bed team are in a prime location to help you find your perfect student home. In just two short years, we have gone from strength to strength in the letting agency industry, starting off in 2018 with just 50 odd rooms, to becoming one of Chester’s biggest letting agents with more than 700 rooms to offer. We are unique in the fact that we are the only letting agents in Chester that do not have our own properties, so you can be sure that our main intention is to find the right property for YOU. We pride ourselves on our core principles:

  • Transparency – there’s no loopholes with us!
  • Approachability – our office door is always open, whether you’re after a chat, some advice or just a cuddle with the Official Bed Pup!
  • Positivity – nothing is ever a problem; we take an optimistic approach to every aspect of the business!


Meet the Team

The Bed Team is made up of a group of experienced individuals who have each contributed collectively to the successful business that is Bed. Everyone has their own talents and competencies that contribute to making the Bed Team the close knit, well oiled machine that we are! We don’t like labels or stigmas, so we don’t tend to go by job titles here. Every person contributes to all aspects of the business, whether that be jumping on viewings, sending out contracts, creating social media posts or catching up with our tenants and landlords, we all have a role to play. Meet the Team:

Mike – Or boss chops as we like to call him (Okay- Maybe we do have some labels). He’s the director of the business and the reason why Bed exists. Creative, passionate and a crazy workaholic, Mike started the idea of Bed in 2018 along with his best pal Jolan in his is kitchen. Two years later and the success of Bed has been immense. The tenants are Mike’s main priority which is why he has built such a close relationship with many students over the years…he’s always prepared to go that extra mile! Mike has truly found his calling in life…shame he’s not half as good at making coffee than he is at his job (You think I’m joking)!

Jolan – Mike’s right-hand man. He’s the guy that helped boss chops turn his dream in to a reality. Previously a DJ, our tenants and the students at the University of Chester will know Jolan for banging out tunes at previous SU Friday events. If you’ve been on a viewing with him, you know you can’t shut him up…he could talk for England! Jolan’s main jobs consist of leading viewings, populating our portals and creating website content. He’s also a self-confessed tech-geek so he’s handy to have around when we experience technical difficulties, Jolan’s the master of ‘Have you switched it off and then switched it back on again?’.

Paula – The glue of the business. Paula. What would we do without Paula? She joined the Bed Team during the business’ early days, more than likely not realising what she was getting herself into! She managed to control the crazy ideas of the two men (or should I say boys - they’ve still not grown up yet) brainstorming in that kitchen and helped shape Bed into what it is today. Bubbly, passionate and positive – Paula always knows the right thing to say! Whether it’s liaising with Landlords, communicating with tenants or overseeing the tasks of the Bed Team, Paula is an absolutely vital member of our family. When she’s not working hard to ensure we’re all doing our jobs, Paula can often be found behind her mirror during her ‘3 o’clock Spruce Ups’ or with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc in her hand during Friday Beers (After hours of course)!

Jacob – The man with the van. You will all recognise our Bed branded van driving around the City of Chester. That’s our property manager, Jake. Previously a student at the University of Chester, Jake joined Bed in 2018 as part of a placement. After graduation, Jake came on board as a full-time member of the Bed Team. His job is to make sure all of our fully managed properties are kept in tip-top condition, seeing to any issues that may arise during your tenancy. Unlike Mike, Jake makes a cracking brew, he may even be the best brew maker at Bedquarters…plus he’s always on hand to provide a Bueno or two to go with it (extra brownie points)!

Talia – The one we couldn’t get rid of. Like Jacob, Tal initially joined the Bed Team as part of her placement in 2019. One year later and we still can’t get rid of her! After demonstrating her skills during her 5-week internship with us, we offered her a part-time position that would work around her studies. Fast-forward a few months and she’s about to become a full-time member of the Bed Team. Tal’s main jobs consist of admin and social media marketing, supporting the admin team where needed and providing content for our Instagram page.

Emma – The newest member of the Bed Team. A few months after graduating from the University of Chester in 2019, Emma blessed us with her presence. With the business growing exponentially, she joined us at the right time with her positive and tenacious attitude – Nothing is ever a problem with Em! Her main duties consist of supporting the team with admin and managing all Bed accounts. She’s also a dog Mum to Oscar - The Official Bed Pup. So you’ve got Em to thank for the abundance of cuddles you get from that little ball of fluff. (Oscar’s working hours are approximately 9am-1pm if you’re after a snuggle).

Written by Talia Kayne

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