A Day in the Life of a Student in Chester











For those of you who are wondering what it’s like to study in Chester - well, this is the blog for you! My name is Molly and I’ll be talking about my experience at the University of Chester and showing you what a typical day in the life looks like. 


Many moons ago, I was an undergrad at Chester Uni, and I loved it so much I decided to come back for my doctorate. I’m working towards my PhD in Creative and Critical Writing - which means I get to write a book and a fun (not so) little thesis. And Chester is a great place to do this, as the English Department are FANTASTIC and the City is just so picturesque and quaint.




Today, I started my day off by popping some smart clothes on, doing my face and opening my laptop for a little copywriting interview. I was originally scared of proper, adult-like interviews, but the Careers Service at the University of Chester has really helped me realise my strengths and skills, and has ultimately given me the confidence to bloody well go for it! 

After this, I made some avo and eggs on toast for breakfast. These are leftovers from a lovely little Aldi shop and cost pennies - and I mean PENNIES - to make.

And then I made some coffee and sat at my desk. I sat for a while. In fact, I did a lot of sitting and very little typing. So I messaged my friend Sarah to see if they wanted a game of chess and a study date at Storyhouse. 

Many cups of teas in, and after I lost horrendously at the chess game, we went inside and got some writing done for uni. That’s one of my favourite things about Chester. It’s not so big that you have to get a bus over if you want to see your friends. Sarah literally lives 5 minutes away, so when I need a study buddy, some motivation (and some humbling with a hefty game of chess), she’s right there!

After this, we said our goodbyes and I took a leisurely, scenic walk home along the Roman Walls. When I got home I did some more uni work, cooked a nice n easy creamy mushroom pasta dinner and then watched Wednesday with my housemates. 

So, all in all, a well-balanced day of productivity and rest. It’s super important to make sure you’re both working hard and playing hard - and Chester is the perfect place for it.

Written by Molly Davidson

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