How to cope with Corona: A student’s guide to staying safe, sound and smiling during lockdown

How to cope with Corona

How to cope with Corona: A student's guide to staying safe, sound and smiling during lockdown

At Bed Student Rentals, we're all about positivity…no matter the situation. Even during these unprecedented times, we will continue to smile and remain as optimistic as we can. Whether you're self-isolating alone, at home with your family or in your Bed managed student home, we want to keep you smiling too. So, here's some tips to keep you safe, sound and smiling during lockdown:

1. Stop Procrastinating

Yep, we're all guilty of it…procrastination! We're constantly finding excuses not to do things, whether it be that pile of dirty laundry that's been sitting on the desk chair for two weeks, organising your drawers that are overflowing with clutter (we've all got that drawer full of crap), or starting that assignment you've been putting off for weeks. Now is the time to get it done. First of all, make a list of all the jobs that need doing, make sure you include all those tasks that provoke an eye roll too. Next, set yourself a goal with a timeframe, even if it means completing one of these jobs a day. Then before you know it, after a week or so of working your way through your list, you'll have completed all of those annoying little jobs that you were dreading doing.
Top Tip: ‘Do the frog first'…make sure you start your list with the worst job at the beginning, that way each task will become easier and easier to complete as you go down the list!

Self Care

2. Self-Care

During the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we often forget to take some time out to look after number one…ourselves! Amongst the pressures of juggling university, completing assignments, a part-time job, a social life, and several other commitments, it's way too easy to neglect our health and well-being. Take this time to focus on you:

  • Treat yourself to an at home spa day – a little bit of pampering can be a great mood booster!
  • Take advantage of your daily exercise allowance – spend an hour a day taking a walk, try and plan a different route for each day to mix things up a bit and make sure you're taking note of the nature around you…instant mood booster!
  • Exercise – Before you laugh or roll your eyes, give it a chance…spending 20 minutes every morning to do a short but high intensity home work out has definitely helped me in lots of different ways. I feel more energised, my mood has improved, and it stops me from lazing around in bed for too long of a morning.
  • Read a book – Books are a great way of escaping what's happening in the real world whilst also offering intellectual benefits as they sharpen our memory and expand our vocabulary.

Deep clean your bedroom – Go through your wardrobe and separate your clothes into piles to keep, bin and to go to charity. Declutter your drawers and organise them so that they're neat and tidy. Wash your bedding, dust your surfaces, hoover your carpet and get a plug-in with your favourite scent. Tidy life, tidy mind, right?

Something New

3. Do Something New

While we have the time, find yourself a new hobby or take the time to learn something new. Working on ourselves is something we should continuously strive to do, so why not use this time wisely to undertake a bit of self-development? You could learn to bake, you could cook something for your family, you could set yourself a new goal in relation to your fitness, or you could even challenge yourself with getting really good at your favourite game. Whatever you decide to do, make sure your taking a step each day to get closer to your goal. Remember – Rome wasn't built in a day!

Written by Talia Kayne

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