How to Be More Productive in 2023



After copious amounts of Bailey’s, Celebration boxes and pigs in blankets, we’re crawling into 2023 with a bellyful of festive content. 

But it can be bittersweet returning to Uni and getting back into the swing of things. Especially when, not long ago, you were eating, drinking, and opening presents. But we’re here to kick those New Year’s Resolutions into full swing. 

So sit back, relax, grab a cuppa and read at your leisure - we’ll explain how you can reignite that study motivation for a productive 2023!


1. Buy a Diary

If you haven’t got one already - buy an annual diary! The price doesn’t look too bad with January sales, too. Diaries are a godsend. All of your deadlines, goals and plans in one place? Sure, you can use your phone or laptop, but studies show that if you do it the old-fashioned way with pen and paper, you’re more likely to remember it. It’s also a great place to store To Do lists. And is there anything more satisfying than ticking a task off once it’s completed? 


2. Plan Ahead

Easier said than done. But your diary will help you do this, and it’s always a great idea to start thinking about assessments before they come around. It can be super difficult to plan ahead sometimes, and our essay deadlines seem to sneak up on us all at once. But planning ahead gives you room to breathe and helps you prioritise the important things on your To Do list. 

So take a look at what’s coming up on your calendar, sit back, and think about what needs to be done first. Or even what will take the least amount of time - just so you can tick it off!


3. Routine

Whether you prefer to work at the library, a cafe, or simply work from home at your student accommodation - it’s all about setting a steady routine to help you reach your productive peak. It’s a good idea to find out when your prime time for uni work is. 

Maybe you’re a morning person, a night owl, or prefer to split your writing up into small chunks throughout the day - it’s about what works for you. Everyone will be different - just take a look at your current routine, see what works and what doesn’t, and go from there!


4. Don’t Forget Self-Care

Arguably the most critical ingredient to being productive is self-care, and it’s an absolute MUST to fit into your routine.

It’s always great to take some time away from the desk. Whether that be for a quick lunchtime walk, a gym sesh, making your favourite meal, or just sitting down and enjoying a good book. This also avoids us from getting stressed, too - which is always a win-win!

From the team at Bed Student Rentals - with all these tips and tricks, we hope you have a positively productive start to the new year!

Written by Molly Davidson

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